Tender Loving Care, TLC, is about sex, sexuality, sexual health, sexual health of disabled people, sex lives of disabled people, sexual advice for disabled people, sexual services for disabled people, sex therapy for disabled people, responsible sex workers, training, handicapped, service providers, the responsible sex worker, advice, services, therapy, training, handicapped, responsible service providers
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Blue Badge Placard on Demo. Photo Tania Glyde

For disabled men and women
to find responsible sexual services
Things people say ...
“Working with my differently-abled clients taught me how central sexuality is for each and every one of us. We all need to enjoy full sex lives and to be seen as viable sexual beings. Much love and admiration for what you are doing!”
Veronica Monet, ACS www.sexwithoutshame.com

Blue Badge Placard on Demo. Photo Tania Glyde

About TLC Testimonies

So many beautiful things happen because of this website that we decided to publish stories about the joy experienced by the people who offer their services, the disabled men and women who use TLC, and their parents, care staff and friends who have supported them and watched their lives improve.

We hope these testimonies will inspire visitors to this website to appreciate the good work we are bringing together. Hopefully it will help people to become brave enough to join us: service providers to enlist themselves with a profile, disabled people to use the services, and health and social care professionals and parents to feel confident enough to support their clients, sons, and daughters to make the most of the services available.

Whether you've got a short story or a long story, it will be welcomed. It will give others the confidence to use this website. It doesn't matter if your visual impairment makes your writing mixed up, or if you feel inadequate expressing yourself; your story will be welcome, and we will ensure that it reads well, editing only with your blessing.

Please send your stories to editor@TLC-Trust.org.uk and include your telephone number if possible.