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Ana Lopes, founder of the International Union of Sex Workers

For disabled men and women
to find responsible sexual services
Things people say ...
“Working with my differently-abled clients taught me how central sexuality is for each and every one of us. We all need to enjoy full sex lives and to be seen as viable sexual beings. Much love and admiration for what you are doing!”
Veronica Monet, ACS www.sexwithoutshame.com

Ana Lopes, founder of the International Union of Sex Workers

Sex Workers

Sex Workers

We are aware that most sex workers have disabled people in their client group, and we hope you have come to this site to expand on this.

We would prefer to meet all the new people wishing to be listed on our site in person, but that is not always possible. However, in order to get to know you as well as possible by phone and e-mailings, please may we have your phone number, and email if you have one. The aim is to create a family of people who support each other.

TLC does not get involved with the transaction of money. We feel strongly that clients must pay for the service even though they may have very little money. The price should be agreed in advance and payment made at the start of each session. Make it clear what the payment includes and what it does not include. Some disabled people may be inexperienced, both with sex and hiring a sex worker, and welcome a discussion on what they really need and how best to make the most of your services. Refuse to continue the session if the client is drunk or abusive. See Seeing Disabled Clients.

We hope that consideration is made for the excess time taken for a disabled person to spell out what they want, because of speech impairment or get washed, undressed and into bed, etc because of mobility impairment.

If an exchange can be agreed (e.g. they build your website in exchange for 4 sessions), this needs to be arranged so that they client completes at least some of their side of the deal before you give them a session.


We ask all sex workers to register, then log in and create their TLC profile. But even before that, you will need to read all the help pages about becoming a registered service provider; this will help you understand some of the needs disabled people often have, and the acceptable language, which helps to inspire mutual respect. We also ask that you tick an important check box to assure us that you work of your own free will and are not trafficked.  

Changing your entry

You can change your details and make your profile unavailable to clients’ searches at any stage.


Obviously if substantiated complaints are received from clients about the standard of your service, you will be dropped from this site.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this site. We hope you will join us, and enjoy the work that your involvement brings. Please proceed to TLC Profile Help, or (if you have already read that carefully) Register, or (if also already registered) Log In.