Tender Loving Care, TLC, is about sex, sexuality, sexual health, sexual health of disabled people, sex lives of disabled people, sexual advice for disabled people, sexual services for disabled people, sex therapy for disabled people, responsible sex workers, training, handicapped, service providers, the responsible sex worker, advice, services, therapy, training, handicapped, responsible service providers
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Frank Moore
2001 David Steinberg

For disabled men and women
to find responsible sexual services
Things people say...

The first sex worker I visited was the first time I realised that a woman's body feels warm.

Frank Moore
2001 David Steinberg


We welcome new practitioners on this website. Your profile will be vetted by an experienced TLC volunteer, Pru, who is herself a sex worker. If you live and work outside Britain, please do sign up encourage others like you in your country to do likewise, so that TLC starts operating full scale in your country.

All service providers listed on this site have declared that they are working independently, of their own free will, and are not trafficked or controlled by others. They have agreed to our terms and conditions and guidelines.

If you have any complaints about a service user or provider, please contact us immediately, so that we can deal with the problem as fast as possible. NB: We have only ever had one complaint, and that was from a service provider about a disabled client who was being a threatening pest.