Magic Wand drawing by Betty Dodson

Tender Loving Care, TLC, is about sex, sexuality, sexual health, sexual health of disabled people, sex lives of disabled people, sexual advice for disabled people, sexual services for disabled people, sex therapy for disabled people, responsible sex workers, training, handicapped, service providers, the responsible sex worker, advice, services, therapy, training, handicapped, responsible service providers
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Connecting disabled men & women to responsible sex workers & professional sexual advocates

Bodies Of Difference
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Magic Wand drawing by Betty Dodson

Our company held training and discussion forums for staff on client sexuality. We did not support masturbation training, but backed the hiring of sex workers for clients. The forums focused on educating clients on how to deal with their sexuality discreetly and letting staff know it was okay to ask for professional advice.
Rescare NZ Care general manager Donna Mitchell

Therapists and Teachers

This site will hopefully help you understand the range of emotional, relationship and sexual needs of disabled people, so you can decide how your particular skills can be put to such use.

We are very keen that disabled people should not be patronized by professionals who offer therapy and counselling to “treat” their sexual frustrations. This has happened too much in the past, and we are trying to make the world a more enlightened place today.

This is not to say that disabled people, like other people, cannot gain from massage therapy, and being taught how to gain more pleasure from their bodies, and improve their skills at forming relationships.

Many disabled people express the view that their sex education was inappropriate. They felt it did not apply to them, because their impairments were not mentioned, nor was the terrifying stigma they have face on a day-to-day basis. There is a long way to go to compensate for this bad teaching practice.