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Photography by Ashley

For disabled men and women
to find responsible sexual services
Things people say ...
“Organizations such as The Outsiders and TLC (Tender Loving Care) do invaluable work to recognize the sexual needs of disabled people, and do what they can to help - campaigning in a pretty forthright way.”
Bel Mooney in the Daily Mail 18th August 2010

Photography by Ashley

Disabled People

Disabled People

We really hope this site brings you what you seek, brightens up your life and helps you find more pleasure. It is designed to guide you through the process of selecting the right sex worker for you. Please spend some time reading what we have to say.

Please don't let paying for sex make you feel like a social failure. Look upon yourself as a sexual adventurer. Paying for sex is a legitimate and legal way to spend your money. It is the ultimate in R&R, an exciting and expanding side of the leisure industry, as well as being “the oldest profession”.

Whatever you do, don't feel bad about using sex workers - don't fall for the fundamentalist feminist propaganda that all sex work is violence to women. For a start, many sex workers are men, and most sex workers chose their career because it suits them, and enjoy their work. Certainly, sex workers who decide to work with disabled clients are people who take pride in their profession, and want to give you a good time, help you with your problems and give good value for money.

Many disabled people wrestle between the messages they've received whilst growing up and seen in the media on prostitution, and their own personal desires. They fear coming away feeling disgusted with themselves. What helps is to think of the paying experiences as educational. It's a chance to learn about how your body responds to a woman (or man), how you can communicate during a sex and how to please and satisfy a partner with the part/s of their body and the functions which work. That way, you will come away feeling enlightened, more confident and hopefully, a happy bunny.

The Human Rights Act provides the right to respect for private life. This is the right to carry on life privately, without government interference, as long as you respect the rights of others. One’s sex life is the most intimate part of one’s private life.

Read on before you leap. This site will probably open your eyes to all the services which are on offer (see “Services that Sex Workers Provide to Disabled People” in the ABOUT section, and study our Advice, Links and Training sections.

We would very much appreciate your help and feedback. We welcome stories from disabled clients – expressing both positive and negative feelings, and offering suggestions. We welcome donations to keep this website shipshape. We welcome wise and experienced disabled clients onto the Board of Governors.

Join us in our campaigning, by writing to your MP and coming on demonstrations.

Many disabled people say that they cannot afford the fees that sex workers charge. Then we find out you have been on skiing holidays, own an expensive hi-fi, or smoke 20 fags a day. Where are your priorities? Remember, sex keeps you fit, mentally and physically. And one session with a sex worker can fuel a thousand fantasies on the nights you spend alone.

Finally, in case you get no further with the reading, be warned not to hire street walkers, don't carry lots of extra cash, and don't get fobbed off with less than you agreed when you made your arrangements.

Good luck.