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Cartoon from McCoy’s Guide Website

The Government are filthy hypocrits with their pretense at being moral. Which is more immoral? Making lethal weapons, producing and trading in arms (I think some God said somewhere "Thou Shalt Not Kill"), illegally invading and occupying sovereign states, killing innocent men, women and children...or prostitution (I think some Son of God said somewhere "Cast out the plank in your own eye before complaining about the speck in others"). Well, maybe the prostitutes should retaliate by putting online a list of MPs, policemen and judges who use their services!
Nabil Shaban, disabled actor, writer and activist

Escort Websites

Don't pay out to join a site before you have been able to use it and feel confident that they deliver what they promise. The sites listed below do not charge you to find escorts. — independent escorts of quality in the southern part of UK 020 8778 4011 — serve Surrey and the South East of England and claim to "stand by their morals and ethics”. They have a parlour in Guildford.

Escorts for the Disabled — a US site that takes you to other sites rather than providing their own specialist sex workers and experts

McCoy's Guide to Adult Services — a lively UK guide to escorts and parlours with some fairly reliable reviews, sometimes giving wheelchair access details — a German site which promises an exquisite experience, something extraordinary that will thoroughly stimulate your spirit, your body and your soul, leaving you with a feeling of happiness and total relaxation. — one of the largest UK adult service providers listing local escorts, massage parlours, and all other working ladies, with reviews, field reports and listings.

Punterweb Links — a listing of independent escorts and models operating in the UK for a huge selection of men offering sexual services to other men