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Connecting disabled men and women to responsible sexual services

Just as your residential home or college brochure states 'Priest available to visit', so it should state 'Sex worker available to visit.
Ariana Chevalier, independent escort and sex coach

Sex Workers

The sex workers listed on this site have declared that they are working independently, of their own free will, and are not trafficked or controlled by others. They have agreed to our terms and conditions and guidelines.

These sex workers are confident about seeing disabled clients and respectful to your requirements, as long as you approach them in a respectful way. It is important that you establish a dialogue in order that they understand what your difficulties and impairments are, and you can work together to ensure your sexual needs are met. TLC cannot get involved as mediators, and if your speech is impaired, it may be a good idea to ask a friend to speak on your behalf, or correspond by email, so that no misunderstandings take place.

The men offering their services on this site are all experienced sex workers, not amateurs offering a charity fuck. We have checked them out by looking at their profiles on other sites, considering recommendations from established sex workers, and/or phoning their land-lines.

Disabled people do not receive discounts or reduced rates, as this would leave the site open to fraud from non-disabled people trying to get a good deal. However, you will receive a good service for your money, plus an ear if you have a complaint about being treated disrespectfully. Some sex workers will agree to provide a group discount if several disabled people hire them at the same time.

Striptease artists brighten up the day of disabled people, especially people in residential homes who normally never see a display of delicious flesh in front of their eyes, and we welcome more individuals and agencies registering.

Escort websites may or may not have made the effort to understand what we are about, but we list them, as they might be your best option

We work towards all sexual services for disabled clients improving with time.