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My sessions with severely disabled clients, those with downs syndrome, autism and brain injury, require much preparation in the way of intensive talks with parents or professionals with the disabled person.
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3 January 2013

This week's edition of the Worcester News features Chris Fulton, disability rights campaigner, sitting in front of his computer showing the home page of the TLC-Trust website. Chris's campaign is to get government financial support for disabled people to have sex workers, and it is supported by his mum. What he really wants, he says, is greater acceptance by able bodied people of disabled people as sexual partners. Dr Tuppy Owens went on a local radio station at 7.20am this morning to say what she thought of the idea, and was ticked off and shoved off air for saying the word "masturbation" (even though the researcher said that would be OK). What the hell do they think most people are doing at 7.20am anyway (if they are not, like some disabled people, physically unable to do so)?

Here's the link: http://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/10134381.Give_disabled_people_cash_for_call_girls/

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