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The trade needs to be decriminalised so that we can set up in business legitimately. Once the laws against brothel keeping and living off immoral earnings are repealed, the girls can work together and develop our skills, reach out and improve on social inclusion. Then we can begin to offer a higher level of service, including teaching and sexual healing.
Jahnet de Light, Tantric Sex Worker, London

TLC sex worker quoted in
Independent on Sunday

1 January 2013

Jemma of London was quoted in the Independent's review feature on the new Hollywood film, The Sessions, which opens in the UK very soon. The reason the sex workers are called surrogates is that sex work is illegal in the USA. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/hollywood-tackles-sex-and-disability-8433312.html

Here is an interesting discussion about sex surrogacy, which details tantric work with a quadripegic man to enhance his erotic potential.. http://huff.lv/SUkvJ5#sexsurrogate #HuffPostLive

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