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I am working within the sex industry to introduce New Age concepts and philosophies.
Annie Sprinkle

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Sexual Freedom Awards includes TLC Sex Workers
2 November 2014
Sexual Freedom Awards includes TLC Sex Workers The 20th Anniversary of the Sexual Freedom Awards will be held at Bush...

Support Charlotte Rose in the Clacton by-election
17 September 2014
TLC escort Charlotte Rose, who just moved from Exeter to London, is standing as leader of the Sexual Freedom Party in the...

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Useful Links

A good source of sex workers in Britain

Bent Voices
A sexy site for disabled gay men

Best Practices Policy
The Best Practices Policy Project is an organization dedicated to creating excellence amongst organizations and advocates working with sex workers in the United States. We produce materials for policy environments, address research and academic concerns and provide NGOs with technical assistance. Everything that we do is guided by principles that protect the rights of people who engage in commercial sex in all its forms.

Cliterati (UK)

Desiree Alliance

International Professional Surrogates Association. See also Discussion on Sex Surrogates. http://huff.lv/SUkvJ5#sexsurrogate #HuffPostLive

On Seeing a Sex Surrogate (USA)

Outsiders Club
An online internationlal club which welcomes people with physical and social disabilities to join their club, make new friends, enjoy peer support and find partners.

PunterNet (UK)
A long-standing website listing sex workers and reviews by the people who hire them

Queer Sex Work
For everyone who identifies as LGBTI or queer.

Support And Advice For Escorts: independents supporting each other, with a special forum about disability

Scotpep Sex Worker Tool Kit
Scotpep is a highly professional voluntary body working with sex workers to improve their rights and safety. They are part of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects NSWP. Their tool kit might be of great use to you. Scotpep is one of the few sex worker groups who actively support TLC in what we do.

Sexual Assistance (Switzerland)

The Sexual Health and Disability Alliance for health and social care professionals. Meets twice a year in London discuss supporting disabled clients and patients in their sexual expression. An International network is also in action.

Shakti Tantra (UK)
Shakti Tantra runs workshops in pleasure and some of its practicioners specialise in seeing disable clients.ia

Surrogate Therapy Articles

Surrogates a clarification

Touching Base
Australian group supporting people with disabilities and sex workers to connect with each other, focusing on access, discrimination, human rights and legal issues and the attitudinal barriers that these two marginalised communities can face.

UK Adult Zone
Another good source of sex workers in Britain

UKNSWP is a non-profit, voluntary association of agencies & individuals working with sex workers.