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Bodies Of Difference
Photography by Ashley

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Disabled Fetishists

The Government are filthy hypocrits with their pretense at being moral. Which is more immoral? Making lethal weapons, producing and trading in arms (I think some God said somewhere "Thou Shalt Not Kill"), illegally invading and occupying sovereign states, killing innocent men, women and children...or prostitution (I think some Son of God said somewhere "Cast out the plank in your own eye before complaining about the speck in others"). Well, maybe the prostitutes should retaliate by putting online a list of MPs, policemen and judges who use their services!
Nabil Shaban, disabled actor, writer and activist

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Outsiders — meet lots of exciting and interesting people with a wide range of disabilities.

Night of the Senses — an annual erotic ball that welcomes disabled people and all kinds of people from around the world.

The Erotic Awards — visit the Stars in the Erotic Universe and discover many talented disabled people and disability-friendly innovations. Shows are presented by disabled actor, Mat Fraser.

Sociability — join this British group for disabled people who have fun discussing sex and socialising.

Gimps Gone Wild — your opportunity to display yourself with other sexy disabled models.

Frank Moore — meet the most dynamic disabled erotic artist, performer, and shaman who is now running for President of the USA. Frank offers to paint you if you send a photograph.

SexAbility — a blog featuring many outspoken disabled people who want to share their sexual experiences.

BENT — join the voice of queer/crip men.

Deaf Bunny — specially for deaf people who want to see porn that uses sign language and improve their sexual communication skills.

Acsexxxable — welcome to Toronto's first accessible sex party. www.acsexxxable.ca