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Connecting disabled men & women to responsible sex workers, therapists, & teachers

01 Actor and campaigner Nabil Shaban

02 Alison Lapper viewing Erotic Awards Exhibition

03 Alone by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1896)

04 Ana Lopes at the SFC Conference

05 Ana Lopes speaking at the SFC Conference

06 Ana Lopes, founder of the International Union of Sex Workers

07 Aspergers demonstrator

08 Asta Philpot, campaigner for accessible brothels

09 Bed Show by Beryl Cook (1988)

10 Big City by Otto Dix 1927-8

11 Blue Badge Placard on Demo. Photo Tania Glyde

12 Cynthia Payne at the Home Office

13 Dame Helen “I am a complete believer in legal brothels” Mirren

14 Demonstrating outside Houses of Parliament

15 Demonstration through London

16 Disabled Demonstrator (photo: Tania Glyde)

17 Disabled Fetishists

18 Dolores French, authoress of Working - my life as a prostitute 1989

19 Domonstrator on Westminster Bridge. Photo Tania Glyde

20 Dreaming - photo from Softgirls

21 Equestrian Acrobats by Peter Fendi 1796-1842

22 Female Masturbating drawing by Betty Dodson

23 Frank Moore and Linda © David Steinberg

24 Frank Moore © 2001 David Steinberg

25 Frank Moore having sex © 2001 David Steinberg

26 Frankfurt Brothel by R.B.Kitaj (1978)

27 Group in front of Commons

28 Guest at Arcadia

29 Helen on Demo on Westminster Bridge. Photo Tania Glyde

30 Jason with sex worker Veronica

31 Joy stripping

32 Kimberly Kline who set up the Desiree Alliance

33 Magic Wand drawing by Betty Dodson

34 Male Striptease Artist - Lee Kemp

35 Mandi Peers, writer, speaking at the SFC Conference

36 Mat Fraser Winning Award

37 Nabil Shaban under a girl

38 Nick Wallis, first disabled man to try sex work on a British TV programme

39 Photography by Ashley

40 Solitaire who wrote about Striptease for this site

41 Still from Want by Loree Erickson

42 Swedish sex worker Pye Jakobssen with John McDonnel MP in the House of Commons

43 The Courtesan, Eduard Manet 1877

44 Three demonstrators (photo: Tania Glyde)

45 Victor and Mouse

46 Wolfgang Performance by Nabil Shaban


48 Jahnet on a demo

49 Cartoon from McCoy’s Guide Website

50 Australian Brothel

51 Joy at the Erotic Awards 2008 ? photo by Ashley