Helen on Demo on Westminster Bridge. Photo Tania Glyde

Tender Loving Care, TLC, is about sex, sexuality, sexual health, sexual health of disabled people, sex lives of disabled people, sexual advice for disabled people, sexual services for disabled people, sex therapy for disabled people, responsible sex workers, training, handicapped, service providers, the responsible sex worker, advice, services, therapy, training, handicapped, responsible service providers
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Connecting disabled men and women to responsible sexual services

Helen on Demo on Westminster Bridge. Photo Tania Glyde

The ideal world would be a world that recognises sex work as making a worthwhile contribution to society. Sex workers are the new sex experts. What we do is political. Sex is political.
Veronica Vera

About the TLC Trust

Through its website, the TLC Trust provides opportunities, advice and support to disabled men and women so they can find appropriate sexual and therapeutic services. It does so by:

  • inviting responsible sex workers, surrogates, striptease artists, body workers and tantric teachers to list themselves on its website, for the benefit of disabled men and women who may wish to hire them.
  • offering information and advice to professionals on disability.
  • offering advice and information to disabled people on finding and hiring services.
  • offering information and advice, including legal advice, to parents, PAs and health professionals acting as go-betweens, helping their sons, daughters or clients make bookings.
  • promoting the sexual rights of disabled people and campaigning for laws that enable disabled people to hire whatever sexual services they require.

Health and social care professionals, trustees and funders, as well as local authorities who discuss whether residents and adult students in residences, schools and colleges should be allowed to invite sex workers to visit them in their rooms, should be aware that forbidding this choice is against the law. It would be discriminatory against the disabled person and the law says that disabled people must be allowed to enjoy those things that other people in society enjoy in their own homes. See the SHADA Press Release of 3rd February 2013

The TLC Trust welcomes listings, views and help from responsible sex professionals from all over the world.

The TLC Trust is run by volunteers: sex workers, disabled people, sex therapists, academics, health professionals and other experts who reside all over the world.

The TLC Trust is looking for well-wishers who will pledge 50 a year, to help pay for the expenses of running this site.

The TLC makes recommendations about sex toys, books, periodicals, brothels, websites, escort agencies, support networks and professional bodies, and seeks feedback from readers on its choices.

In November 2009, TLC helped the Royal Society of Medicine (London) conference "Disability: Sex, Relationships and Pleasure" by providing two performances by sex workers and disabled clients. This conference is reported, with photographs on www.shada.org.uk - see "Conference".